Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Hip FAI with or without labral tears and sports hernias

ok, so this has been studied for a while now. if you know you have a sports hernia, you should still be checked for hip fai. they can and often do go hand in hand. it may be the case that your fai could get operated on and you may not need the sports hernia done.
if you have had sports hernia surgery and are not improving, there is a very, very good chance it is your hip. fai with or without labral tears can refer pain into the inguinal area, trochanter, gluteals, and si joint along with lumbar spine.
keep in mind that a labral tear is usually caused by hip fai!!!
if an ortho tells you that "i could go in there and take care of the tear," but doesn't know of the cause, nor does he have a ton of experience with treating fai, then get a second opinion.

there are lists of good fai docs out there, you should do some google searches and find one or 2 in your nearest city.
the best known are in vail, nyc, nashville, and san francisco.



R said...

I am having the exact problems u described above. I have had two surgeries 1 st was horrible diagnosis and the last one was for Sports Hernia and the pain has returned for third time. Where Can I find more info on your post and I would love to email or chat more about the topic.


Sports Herniac said...

check out www.hipfai.com

another good link is here


also look under hip arthroscopy at hospital for special surgery's site.

best of luck!

Anonymous said...


Cooking Fine said...

Your blog is very good.

Sports Herniac said...

thank you ....i hope it has helped

tennisgurl said...

I have had pain in my right groin for almost two years. I had a hip arthrogram which showed a slightly frayed labrum, but between my orthopedist and surgeon it was determined I had a sports hernia. I had sports hernia surgery in January 09 and the pain in my groin and hip is just awful. The ortho has diagnosed me with rectus abdominus tendinosis, and has tried plasma rich protein therapy on the the tendon. It's been 10 weeks since then and no relief. I have been in physical therapy for three solid months and no improvement. My ortho thinks my hip may still be the source of my pain and has tentatively suggested I see Dr. Meyers. I live in Atlanta, so I would have to make the journey. Any other suggestions?

Sports Herniac said...

who did your sports hernia surgeries?

Sports Herniac said...

oh, and wait, the prp can take a long time for the inflammation to die down.
my suggestion is to STOP STRETCHING THE RECTUS MUSCLES for a while. that might help, it did with me.
perhaps you also have rectus trigger points that maybe medical acupuncture can help with.

tennisgurl said...

Dr. Jeffrey Hoadley in Atlanta did my sports hernia surgery on my right side. I am getting ready to have another arthrogram with contrast and MRI tomorrow to have another look at my right hip. A year ago I had the arthrogram and MRI and it showed a slightly frayed labrum. Hopefully it won't show any further damage. I had the PRP injection almost 12 weeks ago, and have stopped stretching the rectus...am working with a sports medicine physiatrist on the rectus and hip issues. Seems like a very good guy. In reading your blog and on on Men's Health on hip arthroscopies, I can't help but wonder if I have a hip issue that is causing continuing pain in the groin. Where did you have your PRP injection, and how long did it take to work? Thanks so much for your feedback.

Sports Herniac said...

i had the prp after prolotherapy in both shoulders. the prp was only in one shoulder. it took 6 months of injecctions for me to stop going back for more. the last one was the prp injection and i felt like my shoulder was going to explode for about 5 weeks. i think at about 8 weeks out it started to subside.
take bromelain every day to help with the inflammation process (it won't harm it the way advil would).
it helped my shoulders!

R said...

Who would any of you recommend for follow-up diagnosis and treatment of FAI in the Atlanta area since I have had one Sports Hernia surgery and pain has returned.

Sports Herniac said...

i don't know anyone near atlanta, but i hear there is a group at duke u. in north carolina that specializes in fai. best bet- go to nyc or vail.
feel better!

tennisgurl said...

My ortho gave me the name of Dr. John Hyman in ATL, but I too am in contact with Dr. Kelly at this point.

Anonymous said...


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Ayurveda said...
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Lisa said...
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Lisa said...

Can an athlete that has had complex FAI and labral tear repair still have a sports hernia if they experience hip flexor pain 2 years post-op? Pain is with physical activity and residual pain at rest. The athlete is a female world class triathlete.

Atlanta Plastic Surgeons said...

Did not at all know about it so good that you posted it here for all the hernia patients to know and then be treated accordingly.

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Atlanta Plastic Surgeons said...

Good that you have discussed it here for all those who have done the surgery yet getting no respite.hernia surgery Los Angeles

Anonymous said...

Hernia can be dangerous if not treated in time. These days surgery is considered to be the apt cure for hernia and also leaves no long term effects. Surgery is the best option for Hernia like Laproscopic Hernia Surgery, Incisional Hernia Surgery.

Amy Keefe said...

Can someone please contact me..this is about my 38 yr old husband with chronic groin pain for 13 years. Hip surgerys, botox, nerve extractions, hernia misdiagnosis, etc etc. I want to talk to all of you that have had the same pains and what did you do! Reseactrhing Dr. Meyers and Dr. Brown and even Munich. Please contact me amy.keefe@cox.com

Amy Keefe said...

Please help us. This is about my 38 year old husband with chronic groin pain for 13 years. Hip surgerys, nerve extractions, botox, ingunial hernia, etc etc. I am researching Dr. Meyers, Dr. Brown, and even Munich Germany now. Please contact me if you have had chronic groin pain and been throught the ringer. amy.keefe@cox.com

Wave House said...

Thanks for this awesome blog! I now live in the SF area, what is the name of the doctor you mentioned in this post who is in SF? Also I have insurance in Europe and America, so would a sports hernia surgery be best here or in Germany? I was diagnosed with sports hernia 4 years ago, had PT, but now my hips, stomach, back (lower and mid) are all screwed with massive pain and muscles imbalances everywhere...that is what a lifetime of rugby and surfing will do to you when you follow it up by having 4 kids and needing to ignore pain and just work in a office! now the pain is reaching intolerable heights up my back, lower abs (small tears everywhere) and hips that go in and out with every leg lift...be warned - don't let it get to this!

Ansel Marvin said...

Thanks for the blog. Keep it up. I had an inguinal hernia last year. It was no fun. Had to stop all my sports activities for the semester. Thanks for the support. Great blog.

Ansel Marvin | Houston Hernia Center

Alex Alexides said...

Please keep posting! I've just started a blog on (partly) this myself, and want to have some company out here in core injury blog-world!

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