Tuesday, February 26, 2008

hip labrum and fai along with sports hernias

this is in a debate of sorts. there are many people who have both labral tears (either due to femoroacetabluar impingement, or perhaps the fai is a result of labral tear) and sports hernias.
which came first? some say the sh can lead to labral tears, some say the other way around.
either way, many people out there have labral tears and no symptoms. i myself had a labral tear in one out of 2 mris and a ct scan and nuclear bone scan showed nothing wrong with the hip.
the hip specialists as well as other sports docs said to leave it alone.
i had the sh surgery done 1st. as i am still recovering over a year later, i wonder if it is the hip. but then i know that if i undergo more sugery before my muscles are restored in strength and balance, the hip surgery would only screw things up.
anyhow, here is an article on hip fai...
who really knows the connection to sports hernias. there are so many soccer players who have had sprots hernia surgeries, you'd figure that there would be a few dozen labral tears in the mix as well. but they are good to go after surgery. it might be also important to note that these athletes are most often diagnosed very early, thus are in good shape when they go into surgery, perhaps leading to an easier recovery.