Thursday, April 19, 2007


So, you probably know that ultimately, surgery is really the cure for the sports hernia.

There are two doctors in the US that have successfully done many of these sugeries.
1) Dr William Meyers, out of Drexel University in Philadelphia. I have personally spoken with his assistant and have traded emails with the doctor himself. Each of my experiences with communicating with them was excellent. Dr Meyers seems to be genuine in his care of his patients and has performed thousands of these operations on people of different backgrounds, both pro athletes and non athletes. He claims there are 17+ variations of the injury.
2) Dr Cattey out of Wisconsin. I don't know much about him other than some people have had great success with him.

In the world, the most experienced surgeon for AP is Dr Ulrike Muschaweck, who is based in Munich, Germany. She has performed over 14,000 hernia operations. She tends to operate on pro soccer players worldwide, as this injury is more or less common amongst soccer players. She has developed an approach that she calls the "minimally invasive technique." She has a very high success rate. That is who did my surgeries (I had bilateral AP). I had a great experience with her and her staff. She performs 5 to 6 surgeries a day, 6 days per week.
The website for her clinic is and is worth a visit if you are suspecting that you have a sports hernia. By the way, she only performs surgery in Germany at her clinic, with her experienced staff, so if you want her to do your operations, then you must travel to Munich.

First Attempt

If you are viewing this blog then chances are you are having the symptoms of Athletic Pubalgia, also called a "sports hernia," "athletic hernia," and "sportsman's groin," among other names out there. I too am a sports hernia sufferer. This can be an extremely painful condition that can go from bad to worse without warning. Even more disturbing is the lack of knowledge about this injury amongst healtcare professionals. Chances are, you too are having issues with finding the correct answers for why you are experiencing these pains.
Keep in mind that I am no doctor, nor do I claim to have a better understanding of this injury than doctors. However, I have been studying many angles of the sports hernia and related conditions for over 2 years, in an attempt to rid myself of this horrible condition. In doing so I have obtained a decent grasp on what the sports hernia is, and where one can go to achieve relief.
My personal goal is to help others by either providing any information that I have learned as well as to help point people in the right direction when it comes to surgery and rehab. I only hope that I can be of help to those many sufferers.
So please post here as you wish, the more the better. It will be the only way that we as sports herniacs can learn about what we have going on down there. This collaboration can go a long way and hopefully may opend doors for future study of Athletic Publagia.