Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Hip FAI with or without labral tears and sports hernias

ok, so this has been studied for a while now. if you know you have a sports hernia, you should still be checked for hip fai. they can and often do go hand in hand. it may be the case that your fai could get operated on and you may not need the sports hernia done.
if you have had sports hernia surgery and are not improving, there is a very, very good chance it is your hip. fai with or without labral tears can refer pain into the inguinal area, trochanter, gluteals, and si joint along with lumbar spine.
keep in mind that a labral tear is usually caused by hip fai!!!
if an ortho tells you that "i could go in there and take care of the tear," but doesn't know of the cause, nor does he have a ton of experience with treating fai, then get a second opinion.

there are lists of good fai docs out there, you should do some google searches and find one or 2 in your nearest city.
the best known are in vail, nyc, nashville, and san francisco.


Friday, May 15, 2009

revisiting the blog for a bit

i have been away for a long time. i had to take care of some other business with lyme disease, which went misdiagnosed for 8 months, thanks to an infectious disease clown of a doctor in kingston, ny. the bite, rash, and symptoms simply were not enough for him to warrant treatment. therefore, i had to put my healing from the sports hernia syndrome on hold for over a year!!!!!!

i will tell you, a case of lyme (mine was pretty bad) is worse than a sports hernia. a sports hernia, although painful and all-consuming, doesn't really threaten your life. but, i have been there, guys and gals, and i know how bad it can suck!

so, back to the physical injury.

i am convinced, and i have run this by some sports hernia and hip specialists, that hip fai and sports hernias can go hand in hand.

during my battle with lyme, i did get a diagnosis of bilateral hip fai. symptoms do in fact mimic sports hernias. in my case, i have bilat fai with cam style impingement, and both cam and pincer on the other hip. both sides have labral tears. it is very rare that there is fai without labral tears, and vice-versa. in my case i also have pieces of the acetabular rim (socket) broken off and floating around in the sockets. and i have arthritis starting, due to the extended time frame of not getting diagnosed.
i have big bumps/cysts on my femoral heads.

so i am heading to surgery this fall. probably both hips at once, for resurfacing. i am only 38, and want to get back into sports.

the good news is that yes, the sports hernia surgeries i had with dr muschaweck were successful. i have had my groins scanned by her machines even recently and all is in tact. good to go. just the hips need to be tended to.

my main words of advice---
do not stay local for doc visits because if convenience, if you are still in pain. that is plain stupid. go out of plan if you have to, but GO SEE A SPECIALIST IN A MAJOR CITY, ONE THAT SEES MANY, MANY PRO ATHLETES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

just because a doc went to hopkins, doesn't mean a flying crap to me; it doesn't mean that he or she is right. sports hernias and fai do exist. it just takes an EXPERIENCED doctor to find it.