Monday, October 29, 2007

anatomy view of pelvis and abdomen

note the nerve pathways

and the muscles. the psoas can play a large part in the pain and dysfunction associated with long-term sports hernia.

a good picture of the transversalis fascia and surrounding structures

the transverse fascia is what is stretched and/or torn in the sports hernia. sometimes the oblique aponeurosis is as well.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

visceral manipulation for buildup of scar tissue around groin

this is an osteopathic approach developed by respected osteopath jean pierre barral of france. he has spent over 30 years working on this manual therapy as a way to relieve a person of chronic pains and ailments. it is essentially osteopathic manipulation of the organs in the abdomen, pelvis, and chest. it can work wonders for those who have suffered extensive damage during a long-term sentence with a sports hernia. it can help undo some of the nerve irritation and then some. for more info.

scar tissue as cause of chronic pain in sports hernia injuries

the sports hernia involves stretching and possible tearing of soft tissues in and around the groin.
unfortunately, there is often a period of time between the actual injury onset and the treatment of this condition in which compsenatory patterns and strains develop within those involved muscle groups. these strains that happen can cause microtearing of the tissues that are being strained. tendons, periosteum, muscle fibers, fascia, can all be damaged through movements that cause strain. the result is scar tissue.
scar tissue is well known to cause pain in bodies that have suffered damage whether it be from injury or surgery. the hard tissue can press against a nerve, or may act as a distruption or interference point within the fascial system. scars can cause tugging of tissues and organs within the body, causing pain and nerve irritation.
lj smith, a football player for the philadelphia eagles, underwent sports hernia surgery in summer of 2007. a few months later, despite physical therapy efforts, he was still in pain and had to undergo more surgery to clear out painful scar tissue that was a result of the injury and its microtears.
so some of you who are still experiencing post op pain can feel somewhat confident that there is a bunch of scar tissue in there. who knows whether or not it is the cause of pain. my surgeon told me that my nerve irritation is due to scar tissue. that is why i began structural integration treatments and then neural therapy treatments to follow. both modalities tend to scarring.
structural integration:
neural therapy:

Sunday, October 14, 2007

ilioinguinal nerve

this nerve seems to be a major problem with sports can be entrapped when there is all kinds of tissue damage in the groin. that is one of the nerves that i have entrapped form the sh injury and associated microtearing with such a long tiime of misdiagnosis. it will cause pain through the inguinal area as well as adductors (off corner of pubic bone), testicle, hip, si joint area, and the root of the penis (ouch!). keep that in mind when you see a ur for your problem...

lots of info

on the site, under message board, do a search for sports hernia. i have been posting there under the name johnny for quite some time. the forum has been invaluable to many including myself.
i still post there all the time since i don't know how many people use this blog to help them through everything.
but not everyone runs nor will find that site. that is why i started this one.

more later.