Sunday, May 18, 2008

sorry i have been away from this blog. i will be away longer...

sorry i haven't been posting nor checking this blog for a long time till today.
i have had too many days of pains and confusing symptoms and reviewing everything has been kind of a bummer since i still have issues.
i got diagnosed as having lyme disease over a month ago, after being bitten by a deer tick last september. at that time i had the rash and all the lyme symptoms. but, like sports hernias, the lyme diagnosis can also be elusive due to 1) lack of knowledge 2) lack of good testing, and 3) doc egos. despite the obvious, my doctor said i didn't have lyme because the blood tests weren't "positive enough." this is very hard to believe. things were getting better for me as far as the sports hernia recoup was going, then i was bitten. within a few months my shoulders were killing me, then things continued to spread and get worse. finally, in march, i was diagnosed as having lyme.
so i think that perhaps the lyme has halted my sports hernia healing. the past 8 months have been very gloomy. with that, i decided to cool back from posting.

now i need to point out the importance of labral tearing. it has been posted, even in one of my earlier posts, that such tears can be underlying causes of or perhaps results of sports hernias. i did get diagnosed with a left labral tear 2 months before my sports hernia diagnosis. now that it is almost 2 years post-op, and i still have that pain in my gluteals and groin on that same side, i am going to get it checked out again.

so please pardon my absence from updating this blog for a good while in the future. but i will start it up again in a number of months.
daniel, feel free to link this blog to yours.

i seriously hope that this blog has been helpful to people out there. i genuinely hope that all of you feel better and can return to normal lives without pain in the groin.
i am also working on a book that will basically be memoirs of this battle with not only the diagnosis and treatment but also the doctors and medical system that i strongly feel has turned our battles from what should be simple into long journeys. this has left me financially ruined, often depressed, yet much wiser. i hope that when my book is done, it will also serve as a positive influence for anyone suffering with similar battles.

if you want to get in touch with me, post your email or a way to get in touch and i guarantee i will at some point.

best wishes

john (sports herniac)


jbiacofsky said...

Hey. I hope you end up coming back to your blog sooner or later, you've got a good thing going. I'm like everyone else, had a lot of the same stuff going on, etc. Had surgery with Dr. Meyers a couple weeks ago and hoping for a full recovery, like everyone else, ha.

I have a website about me as a sprinter: and of course a blog. I'm documenting my comeback through my blog and website and hopeful it will go similar to my highest hopes. Eventually I'll be writing my own little article/essay for my website on the whole issue of sports hernia, much like some of the other AP folks out there have. I hope you recover fully from the lyme disease, and of course your AP. Keep everything up.

2baloo said...

You have helped.

I can connect you with someone who has had a similar frustration with Lyme Disease but really great recovery over time - you will get better. Please let me know if you want the connection - I already have their permission.


maggie said...

I am very intrigued to have come upon your blog.
I am a distance runner diagnosed several months ago with a right hip labral tear.
I consulted with an orthopedic surgeon and have been contemplating labral tear debridement.
A sports medicine specialist who'd referred me to the surgeon had also advised an ultrasound due to some concern he had about the local musculature and tendons.
The ultrasound interestingly revealed bilateral inguinal hernias (indirect; I'm a woman); this was particularly interesting as my symptoms with decreased activity have largely evolved to bilateral groin soreness. I'm a bit perplexed as there is no bulge in my groin and had begun to wonder if in fact this is consistent with a sports hernia. I've also wondered if this alone accounts for my symptoms and if there is any relation to the labral tear. In particular I'm uncertain how to proceed - address the hernia (inguinal? sports?) first? address the labral tear first?
Each specialist (orthopedist, general surgeon, sports medicine specialist) has their own orientation and it is an effort to find someone knowledgable enough to look more thoughtfully at the big picture.
I'm in Philadelphia and wonder if it would be worthwhile consulting with Dr. Meyers.
Would appreciate an email exchange with you when you have the oppportunity.


Matthew said...

Hi John! Similer case! I've got the "sports hernia feeling", however, all the doctor can't reveal the real reason toward my sickness! I've consulted over 10 doctor! (Wow! It's about money! I've already lost my job, of course including my health!) I've experienced many test including ct scan, ct urogory(<-forget the spelling), x-ray, mri etc. Of course, no comment up to this moment! Everyday, just hanging around on the internet to seek for more information about symptom. Finally, I'm here! That's very kind of you to share so many information! Thanks! Hope we can keep in touch! Thanks again! Once I read your post, I know I'm not alone! Hope we can keep in touch! Of course, no more pain!

casey24238 said...

I'm so glad to find your blog. I am very interested in learning about the labrum/sports hernia connection. I've been reading and speaking to people in the sport and I am amazed how prevelent both are very among collegiate and professional soccer players. What I would like to know is whether its because both result from over use or if one causes the other. My son is a college athlete and had arthroscopic FAI/labral repair. He felt great at 6 months but now pain has returned- he has hip pain as well as groin and buttock pain (top of the buttocks). Trying to track down people (preferably athletes) who have had FAI labral surgery to find out about their 1 year post op recovery. Please keep posting.

An Educated Patient said...

perhaps your son also has a sports hernia(s).
sorry to hear he is in pain.

i went just the opposite route- first sports hernia surgeries, now, 2 years later, the hips are bothering me, espcially the side that hurt more pre-op for sports hernias.

i would go see a local pro team's head trainer and/or doctor if possible.

of course, it would be ideal to see dr meyers in philly or dr muschaweck in germany.

for a revisit of the hips, go see either dr kelly at hss in nyc, dr phillipon in vail, or dr byrd in nashville.

best of luck!

Tom T said...

Probably a dumb question... can you have a sports hernia when you have no groin pain at all?

the pain is in the left lower abdomen, but nothing groin-related.

Stace said...

It's been a while since I've viewed this blog and am very happy I returned. Read more good info. So sorry to hear about all of your complications and recent battle with Lyme disease. I hope that you have found some answers by now. I have been struggling with misdiagnoses for 4 years. Had labral tear surgery right hip and bilateral repair for athletic pubalgia with Cattey in WI. Still excruciating groin/inner butt pain and am now heading to MN for some myofacial release work. Could be scar tissue and nerve entrapment. Will post results. All the best. Stacy

Chronic said...

Sports herniac - did surgery help!

Sports Herniac said...

yes, surgery helped very much!
but i still have my hips to deal with. the hip issues also cause groin/back/buttock pains.
surgery for that in the fall.
fun fun fun.

Thanh Bang said...


I had a bilateral surgery, which was done by Dr. Muschaweck in Germany some months ago. It seems that I also need an adductor release (the muscles/tendors, which were pulled away from the pubic bone, will be released and reattached to the bone again). Does anybody know, if Dr. Muschaweck is able to carry out that adductor release?

Many thanks in adavance.


Will said...

If you have a sports hernia (or groin pain in general) and can get to the UK please see David Lloyd...

He is very good.

DO NOT visit Jerry Gilmore.... he is about 20 years behind regarding technology and knowledge.

Take this from someone who's been there and done that and an expert on the subject.

(I'm posting this under every subject heading as it's very important and potentially life changing)

Andrew said...

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jill said...

I have a sports hernia and lateral tear. Sadly, I also have Aetna. I want the hernia repaired before the labral tear but Aetna won't cover the surgery. I am on my second level appeal and hope the next step-the external review- will allow me to have the surgery paid for. I am hoping to have the Munich Minimal Repair done by Dr. Hanks at UVA. Any suggestions? I am hoping to hear some success stories or ideas of how I should proceed?

Amy M said...

I am a 49 y/o avid marathoner and pediatrician. I have had 4 mo unrelenting severe burning searing pain rt lower groin above pubic tubercle and into adductors and along pelvic rim. Multiple scans, injections, PT, alternative approaches, only worse. I am lucky to have access to multiple specialists etc but no clear answer. No clear SH on films but I know this can be tricky to see and read and all my symptoms are classic besides the intense at rest pain. HAS anyone had sure intense pain all the time w/ SH? Had inguinal hernia repair after what was surely "incidental" finding on dynamic ultrasound (pain never better, exact same after). On leave from work and cannot do anything. Am searching other options around country including Meyers. Has anyone worked with Dr. William Brown in CA? ANY other suggestions greatly appreciated, Deeply thankful for any help, Amy