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Sports Hernia Surgeons

Here are the names and contact info for some sports hernia/AP surgeons. There are more out there than I have posted here but I don't know their info nor history of their work.

Dr. Ulrike Muschaweck- Munich, Germany. is the best way to contact her. Her staff is very friendly and will get back to you in a timely fashion. She has performed the most of these surgeries over anyone else, by far.

Dr. Brown- Montreal, CA. From what I understand, he is more or less retired but still does occasional sports hernia surgeries. His office# is 514.935.4888. His assistant is also the assistant for Dr David Mulder, who is the surgeon for the Montreal Canadiens, and she is very pleasant to speak with and is also knowledgable.

Dr. Meyers- Philadelphia, PA. He has performed thousands of these surgeries. Marcia or Trisha can help you, they both are very knowledeable and friendly. Office # is 215.762.4157.

Dr. Cattey- Mequon, WI. He also has performed many of these surgeries. He uses a laproscopic approach. Office # 414.961.3254

others??? please feel free to post info to help people decide where to go!!


ade said...

Help (not sure where to post this)

I am no better after surgery

Here’s my history:

Dec 2006 – Pull/Strain (left) groin playing football (soccer). Rest for 6 weeks

Feb 2007 – GP checks for hernia and diagnoses groin pull. Refers me to a physio

Feb-Apr 2007 - PT – Stretching exercises, aggravates groin with pain referring all the way down leg, particularly back of thigh. Any exercise has the same effect with groin/leg feeling incredibly tight and painful for days after. Only solution is complete rest

Apr-May 2007 – Decide to go to Sports Med doc who, after ultrasound (to rule out anything else), eventually diagnoses SH

Jun 2007 – See surgeon who also diagnoses SH. Books me in for laparoscopic (mesh) repair, he cites 85% success rate

Aug 2007 – Surgery

Sep 2007 – Have sharp localised pain. Surgeon thinks it’s the mesh tacks catching a nerve and will eventually settle with stretching and massage. Because of this, can’t really tell if surgery successful

Mar 2008 – Still in considerable pain. Have massaged, stretched, exercised etc etc. The sharp pain has subsided somewhat but now I’m left with exactly the same problems pre-surgery, only now I’m not sure if it’s the surgery itself causing them. Went back to the surgeon who thinks it’s the existing problem and not the surgery. He has no answers and really doesn’t know what to do with me except referring me back to the sports med doc

That’s where I am now, still in pain, waiting to see the sports med doc.

Can anyone offer advice as to what I can do now? Could it be possible that the op has made things worse? How about trying any of the following?

MRI – what does this show exactly?
Steroid injections
Alternate healing methods
Particular Exercise/Diet regime
Mesh removal
Going to Germany

I am open to any thoughts.


gelbin said...

I have a similar history. my plan is to go to munich. i am not sure what will happen. but i had surgery at the univ of md hernia repair center, and i feel no better. forget this noise, i am going with the best.

curious to speak with you, is there a way to get in touch?

gelbin said...

Also, sports herniac, any way to get in touch with you? I am curious why you are still out of sports. Did you try one of the doctors listed?

Ade said...

Hi Gelbin. My email is

sports herniac said...

hey gelbin
i am out of sports still because i am still suffering pains. plus due to the long time with a severly painful sports hernia, i lost all my muscle mass. it has been difficult getting back to strength but i am getting there. i injured my shoulders in the process which is slowing things down.
it can be a long recovery depending on factors like duration of symptoms and whatnot.
you might be able to contact johnny on the forum's sports hernia thread, he'll get you my email, i think he posted his email on a few of his posts.

Anonymous said...

I just saw the Doctor yesterday...luckily a friend of mine from church who is a DO and specializes in Sports medicine and he didn't think I was crazy when I mentioned the "Sports Hernia" to him. Said he'd had one other patient who had surgery with Dr. Cattey in Milwaukee since there was no one in Memphis who he would recommend to do the surgery. He's doing an ultrasound to rule out any other problems, but said surgery would be the only option.

I saw my GP 4-6 weeks ago...turn your head and cough, no hernia, strained muscle, rest, stretch, etc...the same I have read on multiple sites.

My first question is this, since you're having some nerve your research have you found that the Sports Henia could also be causing other pain and stiffness in the region..hip, lower back, etc...?

Next question...have run across anyone with a legitimate Sports Hernia that did recovered fully without surgery?

Anonymous said...

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LRRSC said...


I have had such similar experiences to all of you. My sports hernia first started showing symptoms in 1998. I spent 3 or 4 years trying to find someone that could help me. Eventually I found my way to William Meyers at Hahnemann in Philly, Richard Cattey at St. Mary's in Milwuakee, O.J.A Mayo in London, who was the first doc to figure out what the hell a sports hernia is and treat it, and finally Dr. Ulrike Muschaweck, in Munich, Germany.

I had an original exploratory surgery by a doc in Chicago in 2000 because I was in pain all the time and nobody knew why. Surgery #1 did not help.

Meyers performed my 2nd surgery. He did a repair of the rectus abdominis and an abductor release. I didn't get any better.

Cattey performed my 3rd surgery in which he put mylar mesch on both the left and right side of my groin. I got a little better, but not much.

Finally, in October 2005 I went to Munich and Dr. Mushaweck changed my life. She took all the mesh put in by Cattey on the right side and then did her microsurgery technique. I have felt sooo much better on the right side sense.

In the spring of 2007 I started to have really horrible pain on the left side and so I flew back to Germany. Dr. Mushaweck removed the mesh on the left side and said that it had gotten wrapped around my inguinal canal.

I was in pain for 9 years guys, everyday, all day until the spring of last year. I have been pain free since.

Please contact me with ANY questions you have about each physician. I'm happy to tell you about what it's like in Germany as well.

My e-mail is

I have been through it guys. I can help you get out. If you don't want to respond to me, no worries, just get your ass to Germany. Do not ask questions. Do not pass go. Get to Germany.

TheNationHimself said...

I had Dr from Temple Sports Med in Philly diagnose me with Sports Hernia. Seeing Dr. Myers in June. I am still lifting weights (avid weight lifter)with no pain. Only pain I get is when working my abdominals. Can anyone recommend which other exercises I should NOT do while waiting to see him?

fabricatorgeneral said...

Ive been dealing with a similar injury for 9 months now. My official diag is torn rectus abdominus, but i also have groin and adductor pain. For a while i had pain pretty much throughout the hip region, inguinal canals, pubic bone, adductors, flexors and stomach. After physical therapy for 7 months i am improving and expect a full recovery within the year. My symptoms included sharp trigger point pain, spasms, swelling pain, dull pain, difficulty sitting, sitting up, standing, running, reaching, and bending. I was thought to possibly have a SH but at this point i really dont know. i still have ab and groin pain but not nearly as bad, spasms have subsided, and i can handle most daily tasks now. Some helping tips I would like to share with you guys: Ive been using Ice after and heat before excersise. If pain flares up from movements I use Ice. If pain flares from sitting etc and have spasms I use heat. Ultrasound and cold laser didnt do much that i could tell. ALSO HERES THE BIG ONE, there is a treatment for myofacial pain called ASTYM. Look it up seriously I dont know where id be now without it. my injury may not be a SH but after frequent misdiagnosis and long term pain i know how you guys feel, pain when you laugh, eat, crap, move, sit, stand, run, walk, bend.... it will change your life. its up to you to make it change your life for the better. good luck.

Daniel said...

hey, similar story here. was just operated on last week by meyers after a failed repair by cattey. i also set up a website, with info. have a blog, but would love to link to yours instead since it is already running. let me know if that is cool. check out my site, i will gladly link to your blog...

Ty said...

Dr Richard Cattey

pete67 said...

I had hernia surgery with mesh and plug tecnique last year (July 2007).
It was a right groin hernia , not big.Since the day of operation I never feel good. Pain, burning sensation, electric shock from the scar to the right testicle. I went to several doctors, did many exams...The diagnosis was :ileoinguinal nerve intrapment , the plug hit also a nerve.
I did some thearapy like B.Vitamin, Lyrica,Nimesulide but ..nothing.
Next month I will fly to Munich having the mesh removal surgery by Doctor Ulrike Muschaveck. Does anyone knows her ?
Thanx a lot .

Ade said...

To pete67, do you have an email address? I am in the same situation, unsuccesful mesh repair Aug 2007, considering Germany

There's lots of info on Dr UM in the sportsman's hernia thread on

pete67 said...

Hi Ade, my mail is, feel free to mail me anytime u want.
I will fly to Munich the 8th of August for the operation. I've been already there for a visit,Doctor Ulriche is a very nice person.
She told me that mesh and plug tecnique is the worst one 'cause plug hits the nerve in 60 % of the case.
I'm an ex wrestler , now still train lifting some weights. I don't have problem when I train but everytime I'm sitting (drivin car,etc..).
Thanx for the "lets run" URL.

2baloo said...

Anyone know anything about pulsed radiofrequency treatments for ilioinguinal neuralgia after hernia (SH or otherwise)? Also, for the truly problematic neuralgias, what about Dr. Dellon who believes in cut and bury 'em?

An Educated Patient said...

back for a visit...
i am still out of sports due to the lyme disease i got a year post-op. freaking doctor said no way i had lyme.
thanks a lot, doc.

anyhow, the hip fai should be explored in all cases of non-recouperating sports hernia sugeries.
that is my case!
i found out 2 months ago i have bilateral fai, one side has a bone chunk floating around in the socket.
fai and sports hernias go hand in hand in something around 27 percent of all sports herniacs (to quote dr meyers).
fai irritates the same nerves.

i will get my hips done when i am over the lyme.
i hope that is soon.

best wishes to all

sports herniac

kickit said...

I'm John

In March 2008 I had some type of abdominal strain and thought it would heal over time from playing soccer.
I continued to play through it and at the end of April I strained my right groin thus inflaming my entire pubic region. I was unable to walk for a couple of days. I was seeing a PT for a knee injury and he assessed me thinking I may have torn my lower abductor. he suggested to see an orthopedic and a Prolotherapist he had used in the past. I started going to the prolotherapist for my knee
I did a lot of research on my groin and abdominal tear and the recommendation was to stop playing and rest for a couple of months. I did that but once I began trying to play soccer again my groin and pubic bone flared up again. I went to an Orthopedic Rehab Dr. and got an MRI.
I was then Diagnosed with a Mild SH, Mild Osteitis Pubis(inflammation of the pubic symphasis), a slight tear of the Rectus abdominus and Mild Right Abductor Strain. My Dr gave me a few choices Surgery, PT, Rest and a combination of rest and Prolotherapy. I was using a Prolotherapist for my Acl injury. I am still receiving treatments for it an I have seen and felt much improvement with less Pain and swelling and almost no draw. I did quite a bit of research regarding my condition and there maybe some hope by having the prolotherapy injections. Prolo Therapy creates the natural process of your body healing itself. There's no medicine in the injections.
The solution is all natural and creates inflammation at the injury site and over the course of treaments the strains, ligaments and tendons, tears start healing. My ACL had over a 3/4" draw on it before I started treatment and now it's more stable than my good knee.
I just had my first injections on Sept 22 for the SH.
Its quite painful however because this area is very sensitive. I'm hoping the prolotherapy keeps me away from the surgeon.
I would suggest to any one to research Prolo therapy and find a Dr who has a lot of experience and success with it before jumping into it. I hade 4 different people who suffered various injuries and were treated with the Prolotherapy injections from the Dr I now use. They all had successefull treatments and went back to there normal activities pain free and healed.
I will inform all on this blog of how my treatments are and if they succeed.
I hope this is helpful.

Chantielle said...

I have been undergoing prolotherapy in my groin for 6 sessions now. I just got back the results of a mri with contrast. It shows a mild sports hernia. My doctor wants to keep going with the injections, now focusing more specifically on the SH area. I feel that I just want to have surgery and get it over with. Now, after reading all of this, I am not so sure. Germany is out of reach for us. My doctor recommended going to San Fransisco Bay area, and is going to call up in Seattle to see if there is someone there that does this surgery. I has been just over a year since my injury and I am losing patience. I want to run and jump and play with my kids. I feel like I want to have the surgery, recover and forget all this. Especially the shots. They are painful and have thus far not worked. Does anyone have experience with prolotherapy working to heal a SH? Should I go for surgery? Whats your experience Thanks.
For the person who has started the prolo in sept: how do you feel?

kickit said...

In June I had prolo for my groin and was injected in the pubic region. The after effects were painful. My pubic region was inflamed along with both groins. I couldn't walk for a couple of weeks, After about 6 weeks I could ride a bike and Walk with no pain after 8 weeks I made the attempt to start playing soccer again and after two games I over worked it and the pain began again. My pain increased every time I kicked. That was in August and my MRI revealed mild SH, mild Osteitis pubis and Rt abductor strain. Its been 5 weeks since my 1st injections of prolotherapy into my mild SH, mild Osteitis pubis and abductor strain. I am still feeling the strain in both my groins and in my abdominus rectus. When I had the treatment my entire pubic region and both groins inflamed. Again wasn't able to walk for a week. Everything tightened up. I've been able to walk and started running again with some discomfort. I'm just as frustrated as you are. I've been hurt since March. I see my Prolo Dr in 2 weeks and we'll do another assessment. The effects of the prolo in this region may last longer because of the sensitivity in the pubic area. I for one don't want to have any more painful injections again.
I have had this treated one other time after June with a lower dosage of prolo and had no painful after affects. I may go this route and give it a couple of more treatments. If there is no change in my symptoms then the last alternative is surgery.
I live in NJ and was recommended to see a group of SH Doc's in Philadelphia. I did have prolotherapy on my reconstructed ACL and have had great improvement with my draw and stability. I still have a few treatments left with it. The pain last no more than a day or two and is much easier to bear.
I understand your frustration. You may want to ask you Dr. about trying a different solution or lowering the dosage. I'm trying to avoid surgery only as a last resort. I'll update after my next visit.

Chantielle said...

This sounds good. Glad to hear your knee is better.
I am in the Portland Oregon area and my doctor was talking about the doc's in Philly. He said they are amazing. I don't blame you for not wanting the injections or surgery.
My last round of injections (Number 6)in my groin he upped the solution. to 25%. This time he said he will be able to inject right into to the hernia because he has a much better idea of what needs to be done after looking at the mri.
I have shots in 2 weeks. I will keep you posted as well. I have the same after effects, can't walk w/o crutches, in a lot of pain.
Keep me posted...

2baloo said...

I am assuming you are female...Have you had a c-section?

Chantielle said...

I am a female, but no, have not had a c-section. I have had three natural births with no complications.
Thanks for thinking of it though, good thought.

2baloo said...

This web site seemed good around explaining the surgery. Also, Dr. Muschaweck will be in New York in December & might be seeing patients there for diagnosis. Contact her through her web site.


Chantielle said...

Well, it is they day after prolo for the SH. Super sore! My husband stayed in the room and watched. I might now be a superhero according to him. Love that. My dr injected right in to the hernia and pubis and along the bone next to those tender girl parts.
I have contacted Dr. Meyers in Phili and I am sending him a copy of my MRI. Hopefully he will have a chance to look at it and get back to me with in 3 weeks as that is when I go in for my next round of shots.
Kickit, have you had your shots? I know that we were due in about the same time, I was wondering how you are doing?
Anyone else doing prolo for SH?
Should I send my films anywhere else or wait and see what Meyers says?

Chantielle said...

I just want to say that this blog has been wonderful in helping me find resources to help me with my SH.
After email and talking with several of you this is where I am now at.
I have been doing a lot of writing and calling around to different doctors. Here is what I have found:

Dr. Meyers office said I can send in the mri and he will take a look at it. I was also told by Meyers office they would like me to come in as well so he could do an examination in addition to having the films. That part might be a little out of reach for us. I will start by sending the films. Information put out by his office indicates that SHs are generally not even seen on mri, but once in surgery they are able to asses the extent of the damage and then repair it. Their concern is that there is visible damage. I have no idea what their response time is.

I was also recommended to call the University of Washington Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Center aka Bone and Joint Center. Here is their website if you want to take a look: The doctors there are familiar with AP/SH and said they would like to look at my case. They have asked to have the following sent to them via fax: Report on the mri w/contrast (the most recent one), the dictated notes accompanying it, Information on my case and case notes. Attention: Sports and Spine Dr. Marcia Kauffman. She went to medical school where Meyers is at. The Medical College of Pennsylvania- Hahnemann University School of Medicine (now Drexel University), Philadelphia, PA (1998-2002). The office staff there is super nice and really helpful. Their phone number is 800-440-3280 or 206-598-4288.

So folks, this is sounding good, really really good. I will keep you posted. I am certainly becoming an advocate to taking an active role in your healthcare. I ti s making a big difference. I have to say though that it is so great to have a wonderful doctor that is so open to me seeking out other opinions and having others look at my case.

kickit said...

Funny you mention Dr. Meyers. A friend of mine recommend him who played for the US national soccer team. I just had a consult with him yesterday Nov. 11th. His staff was very nice and informative. I had my MRI done at home which revealed my abdominal tear, abductor strain and Osteitis Pubis.
Dr. Meyers reviewed the films which determined a obvious rectus abdominis tear with two abductor strains one in each groin. He advised me to have an additional MRI to verify which abductors he needs to release. The MRI was not quite clear enough. At the Imaging center in Philly they have perfected the technique to get the quality image he needs to make the proper determination. Dr. Meyers was thorough, optimistic and made me feel quite at easy.
My procedure will take 45 minutes, stitching the rectus abdominis back in place and then releasing both abductors. About 3 weeks of rehab and then back to sports training.
I'm scheduled for the procedure in December.
I tried the Prolo 2 x's and with the bad reactions. I can't afford to be out of work after about 10 weeks. To painful and debilitating. Prolo worked well for my knee however. I'll post after the operation and by January I hope to have good news for the new year. I live an 1 Hr and 45 minutes from philly so it is worth the couple of trips by car. Keeping my fingers crossed. I'll post after the surgery with an update!

Chantielle said...

Did you have your new mri? What is Meyers saying? We are still waiting for the films to make it out there. Apparently they are taking the wagon train BACK out there. Hopefully next week we hear what he has to say. I am curious if he is going to want a more detailed mri like he requested of you.
Whats your update? Hope you are feeling well.

Chantielle said...

Philly here I come. Meyers looked at the mri sent to him from my doctor here. He sees a frank tear of the rectus abdominus from the symphisis pubis. Ouch. He might be wanting another mri to see more detail. I call on monday and schedule my appointment for surgery after the first of the year. Surgery sucks, but getting better is going to be worth it.

2baloo said...

Nice that you have some answers! What did Dr. Meyers charge to look at your MRI? Does he preserve the inguinal nerves?

Chantielle said...

I don't know what he has charged as of yet. I will know more for sure on Monday when I call and talk to Marcia in the office. As for preserving the inguinal canal? Don't know either. I will have many more answers (I HOPE!) on Monday. They are so nice and friendly there and really are dedicated to the patient. I do know that the protocol is: Fly out on Monday, appointment for exam and review on Tuesday, Surgery on Wednesday and fly home on Thursday. I had no idea I would fly home the next day. I am guessing they do that so you are home before you know what hit you!

Jonathan Beacher said...

Dr. Jeffrey Hoadley is a sports hernia and groin pain specialist and surgeon in Atlanta, and works with The Atlanta Falcons, University of Georgia, Georgia Tech, and Atlanta Thrashers, although he treats athletes from all over the southeast. His site Sports Hernia South has a lot of factual info about sports hernia anatomy, diagnosis, and treatment and a listing of medical articles about sports hernia, as well as links to other sports hernia websites.

Chantielle said...

Surgery with Meyers is scheduled. I fly out to Philly on January 9th and visit friends. My appointment is on the 13th, surgery is on the 14th, discharge from the hospital on the 15th then I will fly home that evening. I did buy the flight insurance just in case I might miss the flight!
I will keep you posted about the process and progress!

Danny said...

hi i had sports hernia and went to see doctor muscheveck in germany who did surgeory on me. i am happy to answer questions anyone has about any part of this., daniel

punter said...
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punter said...

Hello to all: I feel confident that I now have a Much better idea of whats going on with my injury, thanks to all for the great information, and no thanks to my doctors. Up til April 2007, i have no sign of injuries. I was heavily involved football (punter/kicker) and soccer. I played softball for about 4 years during and around this time. Anyhow, I was playing 4 games a week - 2 football (did all kicking) 1 soccer and 1 softball.
I know exactly when the injury occured - soccer, it was my 5th hard kick on goal and immediately I felt the pain in right side near the canal. After the game, pain consisted of high groin, hip, no so much back pain, and I had a limp the rest of the night. I had all the symptoms, coughing hurt, putting on socks hurt, in and out of car hurt, leaning forward hurt, working hurt and the pain was this strong for a week. Doc said abdominal sprain. Long story short, the untreated Sports hernia has evolved into lower back pain and stiffness. My pelvic area/lower abdominal is inflamed, hamstrings are tight, i thing i have a twisted pelvic now and imbalance. I had an MRI of the Right Hip and I do have a tear of the anterosuperior acetabular labrum with associated
CAM-TYPE Femoroacetabular Impingement. I just curious where to start?? I have clicking in both hips which and going to request an MRI of my Left Hip.

Chantielle said...

Hey the SHers! Well This is day 5 after my surgery. I got the full Meyers special. he did a bilateral pelvic floor repair attaching both sides of my rectus abdominus to the pubic bone, cleaned out all of the scar tissue, cleaned out the symphysis pubis, and did a right a left adductor release! Can you say sore? I have 2 5" incisions where he accessed the r.a. and then "tunneled" through to the adductors to release them.
He wants you to walk a mile a day the day after surgery. Of course you are supposed to allow the pain to dictate how much you can do. The best part is? All the pain I am experiencing is from the surgery and not the injury!

2baloo said...

Hey Punter,
I am thinking that because of the confounding FAI/labral tear you should consult a sport medicine specialist/physiatrist, hopefully one connected with a surgeon who specializes in sports hernias (the list on this web site is growing) as well as a good orthopedic surgeon. Gather your information from the experts and then make a decision.
Good luck and let us know how it goes!

punter said...
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punter said...

How is your recover coming along? I live in the washington DC area and plan on a raod trip too.

Please email me at I'd really appreciate it if we could chat.


punter said...

Did he use mesh?

punter said...

An educated Patient,
who is best person to see for the Hip/FAI? I have a Labrum Tear in my right hip. I live in Virginia but location doesnt matter. I heard of Dr. Kelly in New york. the pain from my sports hernia does not exists. I was get more information because I have a twisted pelvic and very weak core now.... somesort of imbalance..

Chantielle said...

I asked Meyers specifically if he sis use the mesh and he said no. He doesn't like the mesh. He stitched everything up by hand, aligning and tightening everything with sutures.

punter said...

Germany is out of reach for me too. I'm going to call Meyers and take it from there. I just curious how sever was your injury? They did actual find visible damage with MRI? Could you explain in sort your symptoms, I'm curious if you had any lower back pain and pelvic twisting etc... The reason I ask is I'm excited about all this info, yet scared so much time has past. My injury was in April 2007. I have a twisted pelvic and I'm inflamed in my pubis area, but I dont have the abdomen pain anymore. Just trying to peace all this together.

Wish you best recover and thanks again.

Chantielle said...

I think seeing Dr. Meyers is a great bet. He does not do surgery unless he feels that it is warranted. My injury was severe and yes you could see visible evidence of it on an mri. My symptoms included varying degrees of pain in my groin when walking and severe pain my symphysis pubis when trying to do any leg lifts and running was completely out of the question. As I have learned: Think of the pelvis as a circle. If one area is out of harmony, then that effects everything else. You can experience back and hip pain from a sports hernia.
As for the amount of time that has passed, everyones body is going to handle the time passage differently. For me, about a year and half had passed from the time of injury to the time of repair. I know of others in this blog that have too much time pass and the scar tissue has clouded diagnostics.
The other thing I have learned: Continue to seek out others who have had similar injuries. However, may I suggest that you continue to make appointments with specialists until you have reached a clear answer and solution to your ailment.
Wishing you a healthy and full recovery. Chantielle

annedonc said...

A thanks to all who have contributed very helpful information on this blog. It has helped me, along with some other very informative sites, to come to a decision on being proactive on considering a surgical solution for my athletic pubalgia injury sooner rather than an extended conservative period for my severe lower abdominal/rectus muscle pain resolve with time, as it appears conservative nonsurgical treatment is often not effective, and if so, takes months to even years. I have now dealt with this for 3+ months and have been so incapacitated, that even simple around the house activities have caused agonizing increase in my pain, much less being able to do any type of exercise. After much research, I have elected to see Dr. Meyers in Phiadelphia later in February and hope his expertise will lead to a curative approach one way or the other. Any one with any further f/u experience with him will be appreciated.

don said...

Anyone have anything new?

Mario said...

Since 2003 I have had discomfort in the right inguinal canal area. This was brought on while moving a heavy load on a hand truck going down stairs. I have had just about every test you can think of (CT, untrasound, MRI, X-Ray, etc.) with negative results and two rounds of physical therapy to no avail. Doing leg extensions will sometimes cause lots of pain in the canal area that radiates into the back area. Sitting can sometimes be uncomfortable also. Even when I'm not in pain/discomfort it always feels that there is something in the canal area. I hate to opt for SP surgery only to find out that I don't one. Is anyone familiar with these symptoms? ANy suggestions?

don said...

You like me have down that road with numerous normal tests, no clear abnormality noted, not much insight from the first line specialists I dealt with as to what it might be, not much improvement over time with PT, you name it. Only after in depth web searching over possible causes of such pain in this area did I finally realize what I had - this previously not well understood sports injury of the peri-groin/pelvic area that goes by several names. You should at the very least get an evaluation by someone most familiar with the "sports hernia" type of presentation. Sports Hernia South, if you have not accessed this web site, is a good start for general info. and can give you referral specialists, some may be in your area. I have read much of the medical literature about who treats this and have elected to see Dr. W. Meyers in Phil, who is one of the most experienced in this field. Good luck.

m said...

CHANTIELLE, How is your recovery coming along??? I hope all is well for you. I have my appt in a few weeks with Dr. Meyers. Very curious how this MRI is going to turn out in Philly - I'm so excited I can't wait:-) Meanwhile, I'm gathering all my info and treatment notes etc... Also going to search for a motel close by so I don't have to rush in the morning after the long drive. Anyhow, I'm curious how you're feeling.

Thanks again.

punter said...

I dont know why my last post listed under "M" just wanted to let you know its me - Punter.


don said...

Seems like this board not the one to get that much feedback, sure would like to hear from others who have seen Dr. Meyers. FYI-saw Meyers 2/24, surgery 2/24 with bilateral rectus reinsertion and adductor release. interesting in that the very sensitive MRI protocol that is done did not show the suspected rectus tears distally (they were there), just peri pubic symphysis inflammatory changes. No problems so far. Very impressed with Dr. Meyers, his work ethic, his presentation and empathy, and his no beating around the bush - he is to the point and gets it done. All his staff from office based to Hahnemanm Hospital preop/OR personnel from the aides up to the top anesthesiologist. I was well prepared having read everything in the medical literature, that included several blogs such as this one. His vast experience in this field, appears more than any other surgeon in the U.S., is unequaled.

punter said...

Don, I wish the best in your recover. I can't tell you how excited I am to see Dr. Meyers in 2 weeks. I wish we had more input/feedback in respect to Dr. Meyers. I'm having the MRI at JCCI. My worst fear is that its been 22 months since the injury. How long ago did you injury yourself?

I haven't played any sports for a year and half as I was instructed to be conservative. This has resulted in weight gain and a weak core now. Currently, I have inflamed pubis and possible SI dysfuction, and some sort of twisted pelvic not to mention off and on lower back pain. I just anxious and I don't know what to expect. Did you have similar symptoms?

don said...

From your earlier posts it would appear you have the classic type of sports related injury that causes a sports hernia (i.e.tear or tears in the lower abd. wall, inguinal area)-time has shown that conservative approaches have clearly not worked in your case. However, it appears that additionally you have associated injuries-hip area, possibly the back, some such as the back may be compensatory that will resolve with resolution of the abd. wall and hip problems. However, Dr. Meyers should be able to sort all of this out. My pain was entirely lower mid abdominal wall down to attachment to the pubic bone, 4 months duration, but I was very aggressive about seeing him sooner rather than later as (a) the pain was so disabling, barely able to work, couldn't see how a simple strain could cause all this pain and would heal on its own, (b) all my reading in the medical literature strongly supported that my problem was not going to resolve with conservative measures and I should be aggressive about a surgical correction. Hope you will get to the bottom of this soon. Keep us posted on your progress.

Biacofsky's Blog said...
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2baloo said...

Biacofsky & others
Who has had neurectomies as part of their S-H procedures? Some surgeons have this as part of their protocal while others do not. I would like to hear from those who have had neurectomies (i.e.genitofemoral or ilioinguinal) and how things have settled out for them. Thanks!

punter said...

Don, is the bilateral rectus reinsertion similar to a torn rectus abdominis?

My visit with Dr. Meyers was this week. I had the MRI and then the office visit. Its been 2yrs since my injury which made it difficult for Dr. Meyers to locate any symptoms or pain in my abdomen area. He did however, find a tear in my Rectus Abdominis, actually he said rather large tear. It was hard for him to put the big picuture together.

I'm curious if the tear is causing the imbalance, which in resulting into backpain, limited movement etc?????

I'm finding it hard to research this particular torn rectus abdominis, its symptoms, and what results i can expect from surgical repair.

punter said...


How is your recovery coming along?? I just saw Dr. Meyers last Monday. I have a large tear in my rectus abdominis. I'm curious if you are feeling any better.


Chantielle said...

Hi Punter!
My recovery is going soooo well! There is still soreness from the surgery, as everything is still healing. But I could not believe the difference! I did a 3.54 mile walk yesterday and was only a little sore. Amazing. I couldn't walk around the block in December.
There was a lot of numbness around the incision sites, but slowly the feeling is coming back. I feel like a new person.
Is Meyers going to do surgery? If so when?
My experience with him was wonderful, he was kind and very professional.
I still have a lot of work to do to strengthen my core to keep things as stable as possible. The stronger I can make myself, the better it is all going to feel.

Let me know whats up!

JZ said...

I am looking into surgery with Dr. Meyers, however, my health insurance which is phenomenal doesn't cover the Billing code surgery Dr. Meyers conducts. I was told cash pay is $15k for the surgery!!

Can someone shed light on how you got your Health insurance company to cover a SH surgery and the process in general? Was there an appeal process, etc? Much thanks!

punter said...

Hello again, how are you?
I'm not sure, but Meyers is my best bet for this surgery. I still have to make sure my insurance covers the procedure code for this operation, which insurance do you have? Germany is out of the question for me, financially!! Meyers noted a 96% success rate. The MRI findings were positive for a large torn Rectus Abdominis and complete detachment on ride side. Can a large tear in the Rectus Abdmoninis cause the imbalance in my pelvic? Right now, my hamstrings are really really tight and lower left back pain is present for most of the day, everyday. I do notice a relief after weight loss. Anyway, let me know how your doing. I'm still trying to figure all this out. I'd like to chat about some of the details, if you're okay with that email me at

Thank again!!

JZ said...


You're email address is not working, I tried sending you feedback directly.

I have a few questions I'm hoping you can answer. What specific MRI test did you receive to determine your condition? I'm getting an MRI on my hip area next week, but I'm thinking the Orthopedic Surgeon should be requesting a different MRI screening. I went to an Orthopedist because I can not get down to Dr Meyers for at least a month and I know a torn hip will produce the same symptoms as a Sports Hernia (Dr Meyers office told me this). I also went to an Orthopedist because I have slight leg and hip length assymetry and I wanted to know what cause/effect is happening. I had an initial xray show my Sports hernia pevlis (hip) side(right) is lower and than my other side (left). Concurrently my sports hernia side (right) has a smaller leg length and as a result I've been wearing a small heel lift to provide a more comfortable balance.

I do believe there is some correlation between a SH and a pelivic inbalance, which I believe you alluded too. I don't think many patients nor doctors apply much time and attention to this correlation, but I think a combination of Dr Meyers and a local Orthopedist will provide you enough information so you can make an informed judgement.

As for health insurance covering Dr Meyers surgery code, GOOD LUCK! haha. I say that facetiously because there is only one insurance company that covers his procedure code and that is Blue Cross. All of the others consider his surgery to be experimental and as a result prepare yourself for numerous appeals or $15k. Dr Meyers will provide you the notes and diagnosis you'll need to fight, but they will not (and understandably so) push the appeal process because that would exhaust their resources. I have not begun the coverage fight, but I would be interested to hear the feedback you've received from your insurance through out the life cycle of your treatment.

I greatly appreciate any feedback you can provide.

punter said...


My email is
You have to have the MRI done up in philly, they have a protocol for th sports pubalgia. Now, the orthopedic isnt going to help much. Its possible you have a labrum tear in your hip. My orthpedic examined me and thought I my hip were fine, i requested the MRI anyhow and I DO have a labrum tear in both hips. It doesnt bother me though. If I were you, I'd wait a month a see Dr. Meyers, at least you can have the correct MRI and examine done. As for legs, you need to see a physical therapist to correct that. I had a similar issue, one leg longer than other due to imbalance/twisted pelvis. I was lucky, i found a really good therapist. I'll let you know what happens with insurance, but from you've send, sounds like im good. I have Bluecross PPO, I opted out of my company insurance because it sucks and I pay out of pocket for Bluecross, its worth it as you can see.

Chantielle said...

Hi everyone,
I hope you appeals are going well, if you are having to go through that. In January I had surgery by Dr. Meyers and it has totally changed my life! The pelvic instability gets better everyday and the pain in decreasing as well. It is a slow and careful recovery for me as I am not a pro athlete.
Take care everyone and keep us updated on your progress.


peter said...

Can anyone recommend an experienced sports hernia doctor in North Jersey?

punter said...

this blog is pretty much dead. You need to be on forum and follow this thread
Read all 131 pages of it and it will cover every question you have.

If you have not be diagnosed yet, go see Dr. William C. Meyers in Philly. He will help you. If you were recently injured and have small tears in the Rectus Abdominis, you may want to consult with Dr. Muschaweck's office as well, but she is based in Munich Germany.

Good luck

Lou said...

There is a very skilled surgeon in New Brunswick, NJ, Dr. Andrew Boyarsky. He is straight-forward, no BS. He has performed a ton of operations for sports hernias, and I just had one done on Friday. So far, so good. He said he doesn't do both sides unless both sides are necessary, unlike some other doctors, and he doesn't cut through tendons, so it increases the recovery time. He says the mesh is also not necessary if you're young too. I would definitely look him up on google (it'll be the first search result for his name) and schedule an appointment. He is not the first surgeon I saw for this problem, but he is the one I trust most.

Sports Herniac said...

go see dr dector in west orange nj
at some ortho center
he has been training with dr muschaweck for a few years now!

EB said...

Would be interested in learning anyone's surgical experience with Dr. Boyarsky in NJ?

KFO said...

This is a long blog. But for anyone interested I had a painful sports hernia on my left side last year, played 4 months of a soccer season with it, and then rested for 6 weeks afterwards. After no improvement the team doctor sent me to Dr. Muschaweck in Munich, Germany. I had surgery, and have never had a problem since, and was running about 4-5 days later. Amazing.

Now my right side is giving me problems and I am going back.

Also, the cost is about 7000 US (4600E), which isn't bad as far as surgeries go.

bill said...

I'm having surgery with Dr. Meyers in January. I have an obvious inguinal hernia. The MRI also shows a tear of the rectus abdominus. I though sports hernias and inguinal hernias were mutually exclusive. Did insurance cover Dr. Meyers procudure?

Will said...
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John said...

2 Baloo, did you get any response to your question about neurological surgery.

2baloo said...

Not really.

Jocelyn and Scott said...

I don't know if this blog is still active, but I have this pain and a SH has been tossed around as a potential diagnosis but no one seems to know what really to do. I am under my insurance and then secondary insurance because I'm an intercollegiate athlete. I feel as though I am under their whim and what they want to do concerning this issue. I was wondering could I just send some MRIs up to myers and he could look at them so I wouldn't have to travel all the way for nothing?

Chantielle said...

Yep, Meyers will take a look a them. He did for me and turned out I needed surgery.
Good Luck!

punter said...

The MRI's you have will mostly likely be negative. Dr William Meyers has a specific protocol. You have too, i repeat have too go see meyers AS SOON AS POSSIBLE and let their team schedule the MRI. I had my surgery in Nov. bilateral pelvic floor repair, right side was detached from the rectus. You'll never figure outs wrong with you unless you see an expert with this ingury. I went through a 1yr of rehab, physical therapy etc... and the whole time my rectus as torn and detached. This type of injury will never heal on this own or with rest, that's if you have it. I WOULD NOT waste anymore time. At least schedule the appt for the MRI so he can tell you if you have an Athletic Pubalgia, that's what its really called, not Sports Hernia. Also, i recommend you explore your option as there are a few technics.

DR ULRIKE MUSCHAWEK is also an expert with this injury, they call it "sportsmans groin".

and yes, this blog is pretty much dead. You need to be on, thats where all the good info but beware its over 170 pages about this. I read every page before i did anything.

Jocelyn and Scott said...

Thanks, I scheduled an appointment for the end of June. We'll see what Happens! Thanks for your help I'll defiantly look at letsrun!

Jim Dwyer said...


Thanks for all the helpful information on the site, which I hope will enjoy a revival, about the complexities of diagnosing and treating sports hernias, athletic pubalgia, etc.

I, too, have incurred these kind of injuries as a result of playing hockey. I have documented my experience and findings on my site:

Kimberly said...

I am a 32 year old woman who has been diagnosed with a sports hernia. I had surgery in Feb of this year to repair a labral tear and a cam lesion. Although the pain in the hip itself is much better, the pain in the groin, thigh, and abs is unbearable. I have tried PT, pelvic therapy, steroid injections, and rest. After the Feb surgery, I was off work until the end of July, as the only relief from pain was to lay around, and do nothing else. Since going back to work, the pain has increased horribly and I have had to go to the ER for pain management. I am a single mom and my insurance has denied payment for surgery in Milwaukee with Dr. Cattey. I really cannot afford to pay for the surgery but I also cannot afford to be a couch bum with my 7 year old son anymore. So, if I end up having to pay for the surgery, I have to make sure it works, as I will only be able to do it once. Does anyone have any advice for me on who I should go to, what other options may be available, or if any insurance companies cover treatment for sports hernias? I can be contacted at

Dan said...

Completely agree with LRRSC's comments from April 2, 2008 - the only surgeon to see is Dr. Ulrike Muschaweck.

Will said...

They all 'pioneer' a particular technique, but it doesn't mean that they are suited to everyone. No doctor understands the human body, not even the tip of the iceberg. There will be patients that have trouble with Muschaweck, just like any other surgeon.

Will said...

I mean that all (or most) of the top surgeons that are recommended on sites like this pioneer a technique. Obviously not all surgeons do. Of course you will see good feedback if the surgeon is posting their own feedback - they are marketeers. I.e.

as one example (not to say that this surgeon is good or bad, I'm just using that page as an example).

However it's not until you start prying into the depths of feedback (contacting football/hockey clubs/online forums with personal experiences etc) that you find that even the seemilngly faultless surgeons often have a history of causing pain as well as correcting it. I personally don't think that any one of them is way ahead, it's often luck (not in the realms of biology but in the realms of biology as we the human being understands it - tip of the iceberg) as to whether a particular technique will help a particular patient.

Dan said...

Just because someone performs research on their own patients to determine the effectiveness of their procedure doesn't mean they doctored their results. It's not all about money. I get that you might be mad at a few doctors, but that doesn't make them all greedy and dishonest. Another thing - I'm not sure what you mean by luck. Medical advances are arrived at through trial and error. I don't call it luck when someone tries 100solutions and finally arrives at a reasonable answer on the 101st. I call it hard work and persistence. It's true that the first 100 patients might have been guinea pigs while the surgeon was discovering a better repair, but that unfortunately is how medicine works.

Will said...

You've pulled a few things out the air which have nothing to do with anything I've said. Basically I don't think that you are seeing things to the depth that you should be but I haven't really got time to ramble on about it. The main point is - there is no 'reasonable answer' to arrive at. The human body, particularly groin injury is complex - no procedure will suit everyone. No surgeon is even close to understanding groin pain in my opinion, irrelevant of whether they've tried 100 solutions or 10,000. I'm not 'mad' at doctors and ranting nonsense, I'm giving you my opinion based on years of experience.

'Just because someone performs research on their own patients to determine the effectiveness of their procedure doesn't mean they doctored their results. It's not all about money.' - that's just an irrelevant comment. I never said it was. However who are you to say that it's not - are you existing in the minds of the surgeons? How do you know whether they are pioneering techniques for the good of humanity or for their own success?

Dan said...

True, there's no one all-encompassing reasonable answer, but there are reasonable answers.(We may not know the answer yet, but that's another story) Never said you were ranting nonsense. If you say you're not mad at doctors, fine. (You did sound mad, but the written word is easily misinterpreted) I don't know whether doctors are pioneering techniques for their own success or for the good of humanity. Whatever they pioneer for whatever reason, I hope they keep trying - if it's successful, everyone benefits. If not successful, the doc will eventually go out of business, leaving it for a future doctor to discover a better idea.

Will said...

I'm more frustrated (rather than mad) that people put all their faith in doctors - as if doctors, or a particular doctor is certain to have the answer. I really don't rate doctors that highly and take a lot of what they say with a pinch of salt. I question everything - after all you're potentially putting your life in their hands. The more you look into medicine (and science in general) the more it seems that things aren't as they seem. Even when a doctor thinks they've found a solution or a scientist finds the ultimate formula, somebody usually comes along and obliterates it a few years down the line - or at least see's things from another perspective - so nothing is certain as we know it. Anyway, yeah it's good that we keep advancing and pioneering. Would be good if doctors went out of business for dodgy surgery etc but I don't think it's as simple as that. Would be good if there were more doctor review sites online. Also I don't think doctors should be allowed to run as a private business which encourages medical engagement for profit. Maybe there should be a system whereby they must all share their findings. Heath and medicine should be as loosely linked to money as possible. Anyway that's my view on the money side of things but a bit off topic.

Dan said...

Coming back around, I discovered this blog last June when I was looking for a SH surgeon. I'm 49, have had several sports injury surgeries, have had one major misdiagnosis before (saved from surgery that time by a second opinion), so I tend to be cautious and lean toward getting another opinion if someone suggests surgery. In the case of a SH, I was relying on blogs and internet info - I didn't know anyone who had a SH - with that kind of remote info, it feels dicey getting surgery, but I went ahead and saw Meyers, and the visit didn't go as expected (the price was a big factor). Knew as little about Dr. M. in Munich but she was more affordable, and honestly, I read more positive than negative patient remarks about her (not very objective data - depends on which website you go to - but what do you do in the absence of info?) The days were slipping by, and my kids are young and active, and I wanted to be active with them, so I went to Germany. As doctors go, Dr. M. is as good as any I've seen - she isn't perfect (who is?) and Germany's a hike, but as the saying goes, you buy your ticket and take your chances. It's been two months since the surgery, and no major complaints. I had a small walnut sized SH on my left side, and maybe it was a relatively easy fix. As you suggest, it doesn't work out that way for everybody, but here's to hoping that it does.

Kelley Rao said...

Please check out Dr. William Brown, MD's website:

trackrnnr said...
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trackrnnr said...

please help. iv had hip pain for three yrs. my general physician couldnt tell me anything so she referred me to a sports medicine doctor. he diagnosed me with a growth plate fracture. i was to rest for 2 months and go to physical therapy. this seemed to relieve the pain for a little while until track season came around again. i went back to the sports medicine doctor he told me i could make an appointment with a hip specialist and go back to physical therapy. So i went to physical therapy again. the appointment with the specialist wasnt for another 6 months so i ended up having to cancel it and scheduled with another doctor i heard of from friends. he turned out to be worthless only sending me to physical therapy yet again where i was eventually kicked out because i wasnt improving. finally i got an appointment with the first specialist. he diagnosed me with a sports hernia and referred me to surgeon. I had surgery right away and now 4 months later have been in the same if not worse chronic pain as before for the last 3 months. i dont enjoy working out anymore because it brings on too much pain but i hate the feeling of being weak and out of shape. should i just accept the pain like iv tried to for so long or schedule another appointment? is there another solution that could help me i havnt considered?

Dan said...

It sounds as if you have multiple issues. I don't know who performed surgery on you and can only recommend what has worked for me. Dr. Muschaweck fixed my sports hernia. That being said, I still have hip and knee aches when and after I run, but I had that before the sports hernia, so that's not her fault. B/C of her SH surgery, I have no more groin pain when I run, which completely prevented me from running for the past six months. At present, I can run, but am focusing on the bike b/c running pounds my hips and knees too much.

trackrnnr said...

so should i go back and talk to the surgeon or the doctor that referred me to the surgeon? i feel like because the surgery seemed to do nothing, i never had a SH in the first place, but the surgeon told me they found a tear and sewed it up so would that mean the surgeon did nothing wrong?

Hunter said...

I've been suffering for 8 months. Been to five different surgeons. Been to The Mayo Clinic. No one can tell me why my groin constantly hurts. Nothing showed up on the MRI. I'm going crazy. Is it possible that if I do have a SH it will heal on its own? Can PT help?

Jocelyn and Scott said...

I think that you should go to a SH surgeon to get looked at. It doesn't hurt to, and at least you would get that eliminated as a cause to your pain. I had a SH but no one knew what my pain was from. I did PT for 6 months with nothing getting better, only worse. I am a runner and by the end could only run 2-3 miles before I had so much pain I literally could not run. I went to Dr. Meyers and completely recommend him. He took the time to talk to me and answer my 2 pages of questions. I guess the main point I am saying is no PT won't fix you if you have a SH, you can't rehab a tear in muscles. If you have already been to so many surgeons, what is one more?

iamfuerza said...

Wow...Meyers actually took the time to answer your 2 pages of questions?!? You should count yourself lucky. You must've caught him on a slow day when he had few appointments. When I met with him and only had 1 page of questions with accompanying pictures and images to help exemplify my questions, he did nothing but hurry me along and then insulted me by asking why I wouldn't trust his judgment. That really pissed me off and I barked back at him that the issue wasn't about 'trust' but that I just had question to ask to better help me understand my condition and what he planned to do to me surgically to help. What an arrogant, egotistical SOB he was that day! And to be an even more of a jerk, out of the blue he changed his mind on my prognosis for recovery. The first day we met he was bragging about his 95% success rate for this type of surgery. Mere seconds after asking him my 1 page of questions, which I had to labor at with him because he simply showed no interest in allowing me to continue, he looks at my file and said, "ohh, you're not a professional athlete?" I replied, "no, you asked me that when we first met and I told you I was not, I'm just an avid sportsman and exerciser at the gym." And his comeback, just to be an ass was, "ohhh, well in that case, I can only give you a 50% chance of healing up properly after my procedure on you." Did I mention what an SOB he is?!? After some more talk, this time my wife chimed in to see if she could have any better luck getting him to answer questions without the attitude, he looks at me and asks, as if his cojones just tripled in size, after everything he had just said to me, "So, when would you like to get this scheduled for me to take care of it?" Man, how out of touch can one be with his own massive ego and how you just got done speaking to a patient who is walking around in pain. I got the hell outta there after that!!

As for Muschaweck in Germany, while others may have had some good luck with her, I have to recommend that you avoid her! Usually, what happens is that the ones that say that she is good are the ones that healed up nicely without any lingering chronic groin pain afterward. If you are one of the unfortunate guys that does have continuing pain after her surgery, be prepared to get brushed to the side and quickly forgotten. 'Out of sight, out of mind' must be her motto. She will quickly distance herself from you if you try to make her accountable for proper aftercare and help. I've spent the last 2 years researching and finding Dr. Muschaweck patients that ended up having botched surgeries by her - botched in the sense that they did okay for the first 6-12 weeks, then the pain came back and all she could recommend is for you to take more pain killers and vitamins. Yeahhh, right...massive amounts of vitamins will heal anything! What a crock!! I cannot recommend her to anyone! She has even abandoned pro athletes that did not do well after her procedure - which shocked the hell out of me. If you need more proof to stay away from here, do a google search for "Muschaweck Malpractice". You'll find that someone finally filed a lawsuit against her for medical malpractice. No, it wasn't me. I wish I had the money at the time as I would've probably joined him. So, my recommendation - find a USA-based sports hernia doctor to go to (but not Meyers), so that if something unexpected goes wrong, you will at least be able to see him and not have to worry about flying back and forth to Germany numerous times and draining your savings.

All my best wishes for those living with the pain and torment of a sports hernia and my hopes that you find 'the one' that can heal you and stand beside you when things don't go as planned.

punter said...

I understand what you are saying about Myers, I had questions that i never really got around to asking however he wasn't a dick to me. I had researched enough to know I wanted Myers to operate on me instead of Muschaweck who i met with in Denver when she was state side. I had bi-lateral rectus tears and man on man did Myers do a killer procedure on me. Everything is gravy now, I'm almost 2 yrs post op. Very please.

SHOEB1E said...

I am amazed to find people with the same pain as me. I was 16 when the pain first started. went in and out of PT and through my soccer clubs doctors here in virginia. Finally went to the VCU sports medicine doctor. he diagnosed me with a labrem tear and i went ahead and had that surgery. Had pains first week back into running. PT told me it was scar tissue. Went back to VCU where he gave me a list of doctors i could see. The one you guys mentioned in Germany and Colorado and then a Guy at Duke and then Dr. Meyers. Got in as soon as i could. Saw him for the pre op day with mri and what not. He straight up told me that he does not think the surgery is going to help me and that he would love to figure out whats going on with me kind of like an experiment. I am from VA 5 hours south so we decided to go through with the surgery and he found alot of tears on my right and repaired but didnt want to mess with my left even though there were problems. So here i am 4 years after original pain and 1.5 years after last surgery and I have no agility and have spent the entire summer training for preseason for my 2nd year of college soccer and my left one completely gave out. I want to curl up and die. I plan on going to see Meyers at the end of the season. And for everyone who was complaining about his personality, he is very very cocky but when your one of the best in the profession it goes to your head.

Have you guys had problems with your agility and cutting post op? Even after alot of PT

Rob said...

I had right rectus abdominus repair and a inguinal hernia done by Dr. Myers on 9/13. I'm sure I did the damage from too heavy squats in December. All my groin pain is gone except for where the procedure was done. I'm recovering well and hope to be running and lifting again in a few weeks.

Amy Keefe said...

Please help us. This is about my 38 year old husband with chronic groin pain for 13 years. Hip surgerys, nerve extractions, botox, ingunial hernia, etc etc. I am researching Dr. Meyers, Dr. Brown, and even Munich Germany now. Please contact me if you have had chronic groin pain and been throught the ringer.

Eduard Tomas said...

I am so happy I found this place, I have been in pain for 3 years and still going. I had sh bilateral surgery in ca dr brown and I did feel better for a few months but the pain is still there. I just did 2 mri's one is arthogram and one for the whole pelvis and it seems like I will have 2 surgeries coming up soon for lebral tears, Dr Benjamin Domb will do the work. I am on my phone now but I will give you guys more detailed information. Thanms

Persephone In Exile said...

I have suffered from SOMETHING here, sports related, and the hip specialist I have consulted in NY has referred me (I talk to him Monday for all of the info) to Dr. Meyers. He saw something on my scans apparently more than just the labral tear and his assistant said there's only one reason to be referred to Dr. Meyers in Philly. I have suspected SH from the beginning, considering I was groundfighting in MA at the time.

My question specifically: has anyone else here had a SH that involved severe spasms? Specifically to the psoas and the rectus? Doctors where I live are so baffled they just pass me to the next doc, and each has no better clue than the last. They even ask, "How long have you had fibromyalgia" and questions like that, but 6 months ago I was an athlete immune to pain. Anyone?

Persephone In Exile said...
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Kiddo said...

I have suffered from SOMETHING here, sports related, and the hip specialist I have consulted in NY has referred me (I talk to him Monday for all of the info) to Dr. Meyers. He saw something on my scans apparently more than just the labral tear and his assistant said there's only one reason to be referred to Dr. Meyers in Philly. I have suspected SH from the beginning, considering I was groundfighting in MA at the time.

My question specifically: has anyone else here had a SH that involved severe spasms? Specifically to the psoas and the rectus? Doctors where I live are so baffled they just pass me to the next doc, and each has no better clue than the last. They even ask, "How long have you had fibromyalgia" and questions like that, but 6 months ago I was an athlete immune to pain. Anyone?

Dianne said...

Oh my gosh...i have those spasms!

Matthew Schneider said...

So my question is about cost. I am seeing Meyers and know that he bills upfront and then "tries" to bill insurance. Anyone have any luck with insurance paying for the procedure?

Jane Bush said...

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Jon Chambers said...
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Jon Chambers said...

The minimal repair technique is becoming the standard for sports hernia repair. It is highly recommended that you get that instead.

Have you had surgery yet? Some people also have an adductor release done if pain there is severe.