Monday, July 9, 2007

some signs and symptoms of a sports hernia

many people have groin pain that is chronic. sufferers of athletic pubalgia have symptoms that also exist in numerous other pathologies.
obviously, the worse the injury, combined with chronicity of the condition, can have a exacerbating effects of the symptoms. it can also be noted that a chronic sports hernia causes muscle imbalances in the pelvis, back, and legs which in themselves can be painful but repairable conditions. here are some syptoms reported by some sufferers...
  • dull ache, often accompanied by sharp pains, especially after activity involving hip flexion and/or twisting. such an activity can be as simple as raking leaves or someting more demanding such as playing soccer or moving furniture.
  • pain is often felt off of the corner of the pubic bone, and can radiate to the testicle(s) in males.
  • there is almost always accompanied adductor muslce tightness and often pain in the adductors. it can be difficult to adduct (squeeze them together) the leg(s) because of this.
  • pain can also be felt while twisting, from the pubic bone up to the inguinal ligament. this pain can also wrap around to the hip and lower back.
  • there can be irritation of the nerves that travel to the perineum and genitals.
  • it can be painful to externally rotate your bent leg, but it can also hurt to internally rotate your femur. this can be interpereted as a pathology involving the hip. attempting to kick a soccer ball with the inside of your foot is such a movement that can induce sharp pain, as can sitting cross-legged, or "Indian style."
  • there can be intense pain while trying to get up out of bed, causing the sufferer to need to roll off of the bed as opposed to sitting up first.
  • in general, bearing down, as in coughing, can be painful, just as in an inguinal hernia.


Dan said...

Thanks for setting up this blog.

I think I have a double sports hernia.

I coach and play lacrosse. I'm 40. I have been in pain 3 years on the right side. I know when I got hurt. 6 months on the leftside. Hurt that side shooting on goal in my backyard.

I will check your blog often.

sports herniac said...

hey dan,
haven't been to my own blog in a while. glad to see some people have checked it out, i hope it helps them.

i will start posting more often, i feel that i am getting towards the end of this pain and dysfunction.

Scott said...

Yes, year old blog blah, blah, blah...

A surgeon recently told me that what a sports hernia is is tendonitus. In my case 800mg motrin (take w/ food) 3x a day for two weeks, along with rest was recommended.

A tendon, attached at the base of the hip and connecting to the penis or the muscles around the femur gets strained. That's why muscle actions and rotations hurt.

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Ronald said...


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